WOSS Fringe Festival Nov 24, 2013

Here at White Oaks Secondary School, it most definitely is the season to be jolly! Many argue that fresh snow or twinkling lights are what make December so special, but ask any WOSS thespian or theatre fanatic, and you’ll get a very different response. This coming month boasts show week of the drama department’s very own Fringe Festival! With performances running nightly from December 3rd until Friday the 7th, it is a highly anticipated event that is not to be missed. Each evening of entertainment will begin at 7pm in room T106, otherwise known as the school’s black box theatre.

Though the festival is a long-standing part of White Oaks history, its roots run even deeper than that. Fringe theatre is a modern style of drama which is typically regarded as being small-scale and more independent in nature than other forms. It can be traced to the early days of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which was first established in 1947 and is currently one of the largest arts festivals in the world. Fringe festivals are, by nature, a place for experimentation. Shows are not judged and often the works presented are obscure or performed for the every first time.  WOSS Drama’s case is no exception! In fact, many of the shows are proudly student-written.

This fall’s line-up includes two professionally written productions. The Real Inspector Hound is being directed by students Megan Wylie and Sydney LaForme and The Tarantino Variation by Caleigh Adams and Jayde Jones. Both are uproarious comedies sure to keep an audience thoroughly entertained. In addition, three student-written pieces will also be displayed. Break a Leg, another outstanding comedy, is written and co-directed by Matt Radich and Nicholas Wandel. Raymond Chizanga’s show is currently untitled and not only marks his directorial debut, but will also be a testament to his crafty comedic writing. It’s not all laughs though a our very own Hazel Garde has penned this year’s only tragedy. Titled Wreck, it is co-directed by Maddy Heys and is sure to be a tear-jerker.  

All of the casts and crews have been hard at work since auditions wrapped up in September and are eagerly awaiting their chance to show off their efforts next week. So come on out and see what this year’s Fringe Festival has to offer!

By: Jayde Jones

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Mysterious Theatre Critic _ It certainly seems like there is a vast array of wonderful theatre to be offered this fall in the White Oaks Studio Theatre. I, personally, look forward to the experience of all five tremendous productions along with my critique of each. I offer my humble best to all the artists involved.   Nov 30, 2013