The Coolest Book Club Around Nov 05, 2013

Do you like to read words? Do you like those words to preferably be in the form of a book? Well then you should think about coming down to the WOSS Book Club!  Held every Wednesday after school, in the South Resource Room, it’s a student run book club ran by 3 grade 12 students: Arman Adel, Tyler Wright and Sasha Teteruck. Their goal was to start a book club with materials that were not deemed ‘appropriate for students’ by any organization, but chosen by the students themselves.

As founder Arman says “We choose our books openly with everyone in the group so there’s no fear of any of the 3 leaders picking favorites. And because there’s no group of adults picking ‘approved books’ for us, the club isn’t afraid to choose more mature content, just ask any of the members about the ‘interesting’ first book they read. That being said, there’s never been a better time to join book club. They’ve just finished their first book and are about to start their second, so come on down next Wednesday and come read some words.”

By: James Berry 

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