Kenyan Boys Choir at WOSS Sep 24, 2013


On Thursday September 12th, White Oaks was treated to a one of a kind experience. It was the kind of experience that got us dancing in our seats and trying out our singing voices (some with more success than others) as the Free the Children committee gathered outside to sing Swahili greetings of “Jambo!” Who else could it be but the Kenyan Boys Choir?

Accompanied by Chris Tse, a Free the Children motivational speaker, the afternoon proved to be unforgettable. The passion they brought with them was unlike any other. The year of Education was introduced and after a successful last year of Clean Water projects, the Free the Children committee here at White Oaks is going to work to make this the best year yet.

 Carey Roach, a leader within the committee since grade 9 is feeling optimistic. “I think the year of Education will be a good one, since it’s the most important pillar in my opinion," she explains “Education is the stepping stone out of poverty.”

To end off Chris’ speech, the Kenyan Boys stole the show, with their beautiful and unique renditions of “Lights” by Ellie Goulding and “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato.

Seiah Kim, a grade 12 who also happens to be on the Free the Children Committee “I felt like the music connected us, even though we belong to two very diverse and unique cultures.”

White Oaks would like to extend a big Swahili thank you to the Kenyan boys choir and Chris Tse- for not only travelling all the way from Kenya for this year’s We Day, but for coming out from Toronto to spend the afternoon with us. It was inspiring and truly a great kick start to the Free the Children committee’s plans for the 2013/2014 year. Asante Sana boys!

By: Meagan Miranda 

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