The Coffee House that Will Help Save Water Nov 24, 2013

The Awareness and Activism Association (Triple A) is driven to bring about positive change through something we all can’t live without- water. WOSS students are almost always seen sporting a plastic water bottle they just bought, and this happens on a daily basis. With well over a thousand kids attending school every single day, just think how many plastic water bottles are being opened and discarded. How many of us carefully preserve those plastic (and frankly quite re-usable!) bottles anyway? All of this not only contributes towards consumption of non-biodegradable products but resources that could be preserved. How does any of this affect you? Well, for starters, you could think about how much money goes into that mere 500 ml of water!

The Triple A has resolved to change this. The installation of a water bottle refilling station here at White Oaks may change things quite a bit! There are also several other projects the Triple A is taking on; all in efforts to try and preserve the most important resource. The best part is, you can help in the most amazing way, starting off by coming to the Triple A’s Coffee House! A promise has been made that coffee isn’t all you’ll enjoy. Come and watch your classmates perform and show off their talents to raise awareness and funds to help White Oaks save water, while hanging out with your friends and family! Rumour has it that there will be Tim Hortons, guitar strumming, as well as some rapping!

Come out to the Triple A’s Coffee House right here in the WOSS North Cafeteria on Tuesday, November the 26th from 7pm to 10pm, tickets are $5 dollars each or book an entire table for $25 (told you it’s classy!)

Buy your tickets, they’re running out fast!

For any more information contact Mrs. Beck or a member of the Triple A; if you want to join the Triple A in their future efforts come out to Room A216 after school on Tuesdays!

By: Aishwarya Moothan

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