POETIC JUSTICE SOCIETY: A berth for young artistic minds Nov 24, 2013

Poetic Justice (noun): a result or occurrence that seems proper because someone who has done bad things to other people is being harmed or punished” – Merriam Webster

Our school’s Poetic Justice Society is a club founded by two ambitious IB students, known as the Enlighteners. The two students decided to obtain their IB CAS hours using something they both loved- smooth beats and classic poetry. Putting these two interests together, VOILA! Poetic Justice Society was created, and the rest is history. 

Poetic Justice Society is a social club where artistic minds come together to share talents and written skill over the backdrop of instrumental music. The members of PJS have coined their actions as freestylin’ and attempt to vocally illustrate the struggles they have experienced during their lives. PJS doubles as a stress reliever and a berth for free speech. As a result, members feel open to each other and new friendships form. Members are all of diverse backgrounds and grew up listening to different styles of music and it is this diversity that propels the PJS’ purpose, and adds to its intrigue.

Poetic Justice Society is a unisexual club, with 6 girls and 10 guys, making up a total of 16 members to date, yet it continues to grow by an average of 2 members per week Members plan to market the club in such a manner that it sparks the interest of girls and guys alike and are promoting the club through word-of-mouth. The club’s scholarly name is based on the literary device, but with a twist. The members of PJS embody the club’s name by justifying the smooth flow of the instrumental music with their witty, and sometimes satirical lyrics.

 “Rap isn’t just poetry- it’s a way of life. It’s a way to get away from the stress in the world while still being part of it by addressing global and local issues” says President Shiv Gupta, when asked about the club’s motto.

Vice President Siddharth Bhardwaj says that “Poetic Justice Society is a place where poets can come together and create musical poetry. What’s interesting about PJS is that there are no restrictions on ideas as long as they’re appropriate. Anybody can join and have fun.” Poetic Justice Society takes place every Wednesday in room A218. If this article in anyway enticed you, even in the slightest, be sure to make an appearance at the next meeting, and come equipped with your wit, flow and musical genius.

By: Tyler Buchanan-Wright 

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Billy Joe Bob _ This article has provided me with a good laugh. I approve.   Nov 24, 2013
Eminem _ Shiv Gupta is amazing. His comments are truly inspirational, and I appreciate him starting a club like this to inform the next generation about rap culture. I heard he is a good rapper, and am interested in signing a record deal with him. My record label will contact him. Word up!   Nov 25, 2013
Mr. Anonymous _ This article in every way conveys the large cultural diversity of WOSS extracurriculars! I love this, and I love WOSS!   Nov 25, 2013