On the Road to Forging Better Relations Jun 09, 2013

Last Saturday, June the 8th, President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping ended their two day meeting. The meeting addressed a variety of topics and issues; however the spirit of the meeting was mainly to build the solid and comfortable relationship the leaders had publicly announced that they desired.

Among the key discussions were the recent cyber-thefts on America. President Jinping and Obama still remain at odds concerning this topic, with China not admitting to any state-sponsored cyber incursions and stating that it too suffered from the very same intrusions. The two leaders were able to come to a conclusion regarding the issue stating that they needed to co-operate on mutually beneficial cyber-security efforts.

Another issue that the leaders managed to reach a consensus upon was that of North Korea. Both agreed that North Korea needed to denuclearize. President Obama was also pleased to know that China has been influencing North Korea these past few months to hold the first cabinet-level meeting in six years. 

To the joy of environmentalists, the two presidents also talked about climate change. The principal subject of their discussion was the emissions of hydro fluorocarbons (HFC's). The reductions of HFC's are crucial to reducing the adverse effects of climate change. To boot, they also agreed to share clean-energy solutions in the future.

Additionally, President Jinping has called for America to end the sales of arms to Taiwan and promises to resolve any conflicts peacefully.

Overall, the meetings turned out to be very productive and a testament to good relations within the coming years.

By: Danyal Ahmed

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