Man Sets Himself On Fire in Washington D.C Oct 08, 2013

On October 5th, a man set himself on fire in the National Mall in Washington D.C, and is now dead. All that is known is that at 4pm, a man poured gasoline on himself, and then set himself on fire. Joggers running-by tried to help, but little could be done.

It is still unknown as to why someone would to this to themselves. His injuries were so serious, that the victim was unidentifiable due to his severe burns. When police reached the area, the victim was airlifted to the closest hospital for intensive treatment.

The whole situation has really rattled the American citizens inhabiting the area, especially as this event occurred a mere day after a car chase that started at the White House, eventually ending in a fatal shooting.

The past month has proved to be difficult for American citizens, especially Washington D.C residents. There has been a D.C shooting, Syrian controversy, a D.C car chase, a federal government shut-down, and and a man burning himself to death. Are these events linked solely by coincidence? Or is this a case of Americans protesting?

Regardless, whatever caused this man to stir up the news will never be fully understood after his death. However, with all the controversy going on, the real question is should this be let out as suicide, or is there truly something else to be questioned?

By: Ashi Sadana

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