Apple? Google? Microsoft? Which one would you choose? Feb 04, 2014

In recent years, the release of smartphones has attracted many people, but which 'smartphone' is really the best? The answer depends on your preference and what you are looking in a phone!

Apple’s iPhone has countless qualities that make it stand out such as its sleek design, smooth and efficient operating system and more than 750,000 apps. There is not a lot of customization that can be done since the background and lock screen wallpaper along with your case are the only things that can be change. Despite this, iPhones annual sales are much greater than Android’s due to the large demand for iPhones.

On the other hand, Google’s Androids have similar qualities but priced far more affordably. They are more customizable, the operating system can be quite efficient and the phone designs are equally as sleek. Personally, I love Androids, not because I own and use one myself but rather because of the endless possibilities than can be done such as changes to the home screen, lock screen, dialler, etc. Also, androids come in various sizes and shapes, which make each phone unique instead of being a part of a conformed cellphone army. More importantly, users can pick what’s suits their style and persona best.

Compared to Android and iPhones, Microsoft’s Windows phones does not compete at the same level because there is no customization, limited apps to download and bulky designs that are not very attractive. In contrast, they are a lot cheaper and the operating system is very smooth because it uses some of the same coding as a regular windows PC would have. 

To conclude, each phone has its own qualities and has its own flaws. The choice is up to you whether to get an Android, iPhone or a Windows phone. The components that make up the inside of the phone are all relatively similar, but the experience you get is different. Some may say that Androids gives them frustration, while other says that they love everything about their phone.

Personally, Android phones are the better choice because of their many capabilities and features. 

By: Julie Huynh

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