What if you grew up in the wrong family? Feb 04, 2014

In Japan, there was a maternity ward mix-up where a 60 year old Japanese man was switched at birth with another person that gave him a long life full of hardships, losses and pain.

He never had the opportunity to live up to his full potential and become what might have been something remarkable, simply because the family he was raised in could not support him financially. This is a case of tragic irony, as the individual who was given to this man’s biological family, lived a life of luxury and splendour.

 It all started when these two babies were born 2 minutes apart and their respective families took home the wrong baby. More of a tragic mistake than a fateful twist of fate, the new- mom of the wealthier of the two families noticed that she was given the baby dressed  differently than she had dressed him earlier on, but asked no questions.

Personally, I think that this outcome could have been prevented if the mother would have chosen to speak up. A simple mistake resulted in life altering consequences; two families, essentially raised the wrong individual, in many ways; a stranger.

This goes to show that large institutions and services can make mistakes that could have unimaginable consequences and that it is every individual’s responsibility to look after their own interests and that of their loved ones. Blind trust and unanswered doubts is an idiot’s road to a rude shock.

After the prolonged fishy feeling finally got to them, the wealthier family put their resources to work and performed a DNA test, only to find that their 60 year old brother wasn’t their brother at all. This endeavour led them to trace their biological older brother, forming unions in two families which should have come together many years ago.

That must have been one awkward family doctor visit.

By: Julie Huynh

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