Singing the Praises of Chris Hadfield Oct 23, 2013

Chris Hadfield is a former commander of the International Space Station, and the first Canadian to walk on the moon. He worked in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a fighter pilot, and recorded a rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity while, well, in space. He is also a former WOSS student.

Many WOSS students don’t know that Hadfield attended White Oaks for three years before going to Milton District for his senior year. That in itself is a tragedy. Hadfield is one of the most recognizable, and likeable, Canadian astronauts ever.

 And so I propose this: Why doesn’t Chris Hadfield pay WOSS a visit? He is retired now, after all (although apparently, he’s teaching at the University of Waterloo. I don’t think he truly understands what it means to retire). I think it would do wonders for the White Oaks student body to learn about space exploration, and the value of science.

Just think: last year, Diana Matheson visited WOSS and taught us all about the value of athletics, teamwork, and persistence. I think it’s time for academic, and (dare I say?) science kids to have one of their (or at least, my) heroes visit his former high school.

Chris Hadfield is pretty much the only one of my childhood heroes that hasn’t disappointed me. He hasn’t become a twerking mess like Miley Cyrus, hasn’t admitted that he won seven Tours de France because of DRUGS (I’m looking at you, Lance), and hasn’t taken to throwing things out hotel windows and setting small fires (hi there, Amanda Bynes).

Here’s a man who has made a huge contribution to society: he’s opened up space exploration for us, the normals, who most likely will never leave Earth. Through social media, he has allowed us to live through him (vicariously!) in space, and experience our own slice of adventure.

Chris Hadfield is one of the (painfully) few Canadian celebrities who are recognized internationally. It would be out of this world (see what I did there?) for him to come back to WOSS.

Let’s Make It Happen.

By: Jasmin Singh

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