Pandas: Now Better Than Aboriginals? Apr 27, 2013

 It It is a scientifically proven fact (basically) that pandas can get away with murder. I can honestly say that pandas are one of the few animal species that nobody, and I mean nobody can dislike. They have dark splotches around their eyes that creates an illusion of the largest eyes ever. Kind of like thick-rimmed glasses that makes human eyes seem bigger. I’m telling you, pandas just have everything figured out. So who can blame Stephen Harper for taking some time out of his schedule to greet these lovable creatures? I can.

Before you start saying “Well if pandas are so irresistible, then why are you blaming him for going to see them?”, I’d just like to say that I don’t believe that Mr. Harper had fallen for their charms. Oh no. It was the fact that they came from China. It is a little well known fact that Mr. Stephen Harper is trying very hard to get on the good side of China, as they would be very beneficial to the economy of Canada. So don’t fool yourself my kind readers. This is all business.

But the thing that truly, truly gets me mad about this has nothing to do with China at all. If our prime minister wants to play with the pandas with the hopes of impressing a business partner, be my guest. It is his job to look after the country right? He’s doing a pretty fine job of that is he not? Wrong again.

Taking care of the economy is one thing, but as a prime minister another vital part is looking over all people. During the time Mr. Harper was with the pandas, taking pictures and such, the 263 people who have walked for up to 2 months, in weather of sometimes -40 ˚C, have arrived on Parliament Hill to raise awareness of the neglect to the Aboriginal people, and I’m guessing that they were at least expecting actually meeting the prime minister.

It’s not as if Mr. Harper didn't know about them coming, they have started this great walk two months ago, and he has been officially invited to greet them right outside. 

No, our prime minister completely knew about this encounter but just decided that pandas were more important – more important than the Aboriginals that braved 1600 km with the sole purpose of meeting the prime minister. I say that the least he could have done was to show some respect and listen to what they had to say. Just imagine the disappointment of the walkers when they realized that they weren't even granted enough respect for a face-to-face conversation with the prime minister – that they have been replaced by two pandas. That is just taking things too far. Like NDP MP Niki Ashton said, “What will it take? How many more kilometers need to be walked for this Conservative government to listen to First Nations people?"

No matter how much pandas are adorable or helpful for the Canadian economy, they weren't the ones who walked hundreds of kilometers to get a chance to talk to Mr. Stephen Harper. If our prime minister doesn't smarten up about the people of our nation, pandas won’t be the only ones with dark circles around the eyes.

By: Jiyu Nam

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Mog Silverfoot _ The Creator created us all equal in the beginning, Panda, man, Racoon were all made to live peacefully and eventually return to The Creator, forever playing the game of healing lacrosse in his great forest, Obijawinawa. You cannot say that Panda exceeds man in spirituality, if Panda murders another Panda, this is the natural way of life, also known as Jiwanaoka.   Jun 06, 2013
Jiyu Nam _ This comment throughly enlightened me. Thank you.   Jun 06, 2013