Ebola : The Virus Brought Onto Ourselves Nov 17, 2014

Enter, Ebola virus, the illness so severe that it MUST have come straight out of an Inferno. The terrifying disease has a 50% fatality rate, and if not contained, the results can be disastrous.  Ebola is undoubtedly one of the WORST ways to die with symptoms escalating from a simple fever, headache and sore throat, to vomiting, rashes, impaired kidney and liver function and, in the most extreme cases, both internal and external bleeding. 

Taking all of this into consideration, Ebola is a MAJOR issue in our world today and it has been, since the very first human contracted instance. However, in my personal opinion, considering the dire consequences of this horrendous abomination, the global response to Ebola can be described as greatly inadequate. I mean, the primary reason the disease was able to spread from Guinea to Sierra Leone and Liberia was from one infected person travelling to each of these two countries. How these people were allowed to travel from Guinea, an area which was already known to have a serious outbreak, is completely alien to me. I should think that if one area is affected, then it would be isolated; people who were ill and healthy would be placed in their own respective containments, and people would not be allowed to travel - especially internationally.

Fine, I understand that Guinea may not have had the resources or knowledge for a setup as such, but as this is a GLOBAL ISSUE after all, international aid could have been easily offered as it is being now. It is really our job as members of the global community to advise the uninformed and less educated populace of Guinea and take all measures to prevent the spread of this disease. In fact, a response of a limited amount of force could have been justifiable to prevent results of the failure in containing the disease that we are witnessing today, because believe it or not, Ebola has been making the occasional appearance in West Africa from as early as 1976. 

Besides the results of the inadequate global involvement in Africa, the disease has now officially spread worldwide, with more and more victims being announced over the radio every morning. Nurses in Spain and the United States have contracted the disease from patients that have come from the infected countries, and thus have provoked the spread of the disease in these countries. One more reason justifying the prevention of travel from seriously affected countries during this time. 

Finally, I must mention that due to this rather disappointing global response, the world is completely unprepared for a potential public health emergency. The primary reasons for the spread of this disease is the poor health systems in these developing countries, which have now affected the entire world. Undoubtedly we are all “in this together” to use the cliché, whether we like it or not, and in order for the human civilization to survive on this planet, we must work together and help each other out. 

All in all, if we do not act fast and attempt to conjure an immediate solution to this problem, we are doomed; The human race would be bound to bring destruction upon itself. Thus, fellow human citizens of the earth, I am saddened to announce that our apocalypse has arrived... in the form of ourselves. 

By: Abirami Sudharshan

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