Did You Mean: Propaganda? Mar 05, 2015

 Throughout history, war after war, propaganda has been used to indoctrinate the citizens of both sides; so wouldn’t it be naïve to think the Iraq war would be any different?

The second most successful film of 2014, American Sniper, has lead to many people within the Iraqi/Muslim community rightfully questioning the morality and truthfulness behind the film. So much so, that the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has spoken out and repeatedly asked Director Clint Eastwood and the ‘hero’ of the film Bradley Cooper to help stop the incessant Islamophobia in the film, all of which has been quietly swept under the rug and ignored. 

As a Muslim, the amount of time and effort that went into making Islam look bad was very clear. All the little details made sure to portray every aspect of Islam as what caused the Iraq war and that Muslims were, and I quote here, “savages.” I’m going to put this into numbers so it’s easier to understand: 

Without repetition, amount of racial slurs used: 5 

Number of Islamic articles of faith disrespected: 6 

Number of child terrorists: 4 

The Iraq War is simply not something that is openly discussed in terms of the injustice that occurred in it, and this movie might just possibly be the only source of information that the public has about it. So by using words like “Haji” and opening the movie with the Athaan (Muslim call to prayer) only to be talked over and followed with profanity, is definitely NOT okay. Whether we like it or not, we live in a culture that is highly Islamophobic, because we as Muslims are blamed for any catastrophe or crime that could possibly be linked to Islam or Muslims in any shape or form. At the end of the day, the Iraqis were the VICTIMS, with half a million casualties in a country with a population of only 33 million, and a range of 70-90% of these deaths being civilians’. And that’s what's really atrocious.

Yet this movie sets out to prove that Chris Kyle, an Iraqi veteran with 160 confirmed kills, was a hero, and someone who should show America a reason to be patriotic and proud. 

Let us be clear; this is the man who has been sued for defamation (making up a false story in his book about punching Jesse Ventura, the Governor of Minnesota), and the man who is quoted as saying, “I don’t shoot people with Qur’ans, I’d like to but I don’t.” 

This is the man who said he had competitions with other snipers to see who could have the most kills.

This is the man to whom killing people was just a game.

By: Aroushey Saeed

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