Calling Out Prank Youtubers Mar 05, 2015

Since YouTube’s initial release in 2005, it has become increasingly more popular and impacted pop culture massively. From gaming videos, to tutorials, to just vlogging (video blogging), YouTube itself has changed from the site you visited to watch the video of the sneezing panda your friends told you to watch, to the massive community of people it is today. This, in turn, has introduced many new aspects to YouTube, one of these being prank videos. 

There is an entire community of Youtubers, whose channels are solely dedicated to posting prank videos. These accounts usually have a large amount of subscribers and views on their videos. In order to keep those viewers happy and interested, these Youtubers tend to jump to extremes and make their videos more intense with every upload. An example of this is Vitaly, a famous Youtuber with over 7.5 million subscribers, who once resorted to scaring people by pretending to hold someone hostage in an elevator. And it doesn’t stop there! There are numerous examples where people have tried to scare people or anger them to an extent where they will get a reaction “worthy” of being put up on the Internet. 

To put this into perspective, a prank is defined as a practical joke. Following the execution of the prank, you are responsible for making sure those who were affected, are aware of the nature of the prank and that it was an orchestrated situation. This common courtesy is not always accomplished in these popular Youtube videos. Additionally, some of these Youtubers have even committed horrible acts such as sexual assault (ie. Sam Pepper), scaring people, and just being downright disrespectful and disruptive. These Youtubers seem to think that their atrocious, harmful actions are somehow justified by simply placing the word “prank” in the title of their shared videos.  

Finally, viewers of these Youtube videos have started calling those responsible out on their behaviour and putting them in their place (again, Sam Pepper), and good thing too, since there have been a ridiculous amount of instances where people have gotten hurt in the filming of these pranks. In fact, in one of Roman Atwood’s prank videos, a man actually has a heart attack. And yet, Roman has not stopped making these videos or even realized the impact of his actions. 

Despite these pranksters having millions of subscribers on Youtube, and a substantially larger amount of views on these ‘prank’ videos, it should not grant them the right to meddle with other peoples lives, health, or comfort. These videos do more harm than they do good, and none of the Youtubers who play a part in making it the viral phenomenon that it has become, have taken a second to realize its detrimental effects. That in itself is a huge disappointment.

By: Aroushey Saeed

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