6922251 x 8 = Angelina Jolie May 27, 2013

 Yes, useless and immature, but that word has been spreading in the news, with the help of Angelina Jolie. The beautiful and glamorous sex-symbol of our generation published an article on May 14th titled, My Medical Choice on the New York Times about her decision to lose both breasts in order to prevent possible breast cancer in the future.  

To be quite frank, I never truly understood what the big fuss was about Angelina Jolie. Everyone claimed her to be either the sexiest, most beautiful or best actress, but I never saw it. In my personal opinion, she had lips that were too big on her face, and her cheekbones that everyone loves weren't all that attractive to me.  

My prolonged dislike for the famous actress most likely came from the whole Jennifer-Aniston-vs-Angelina-Jolie thing, which you are all most likely aware of. I’m through and through team Jennifer and could absolutely not understand the reason behind Brad’s betrayal. It really is an age-long debate. But all things aside, I might have lost a few male readers through this section here, so let’s move on. 

Recently Angelina Jolie made a comeback in the news, this time not by stealing another woman’s man (deep breaths), but by something that is actually really admirable. The procedure, called preventive double mastectomy, can diminish her risks of getting breast cancer (as had her mother and grandmother) from 87% to less than 5%. After 3 months of surgery on both breasts, it really shed new light on not just myself, but surely other anti-fans on the courage and power of Jolie.  

Many women struggle through breast cancer for obvious reasons, but also because they usually feel as if they are losing their femininity along with their breasts. But with Angelina Jolie, who is considered to be one of the most beautiful lady in the entertainment industry, goes through the same procedure so bravely, can I be very helpful to those in their time of need. They see that they are not becoming any less of a woman, but being so very incredibly brave. 

Although I am never ever going to fully like Angelina as much as Jennifer, this news about Jolie’s bravery and power has made me quite impressed, and to ship Brangelina just a tiny bit more… 

By: Jiyu Nam 

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Art Herbert VanDerlay _ Well done on the article, but I must say that this is truly a disaster, not only is she without breasts, which is quite an admirable feat, but you say that she has also somehow managed to lose her boots as well? Now she is left breastless and without adequate footwear, what a shame...   Jun 08, 2013