Top 3 Foods That Make You Smarter! Nov 05, 2013

A French epicurean once said, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” Many people all over the world have implied that there are connections between the things you eat and the way you behave, act and feel. Is this really true? Will eating certain foods can make you smarter, sharper, more active and resilient?  With many experiment and studies conducted by worldwide, renown scientists, it has been proven that, yes, certain foods may aide in the function and performance of your brain, boosting your marks just in time for mid-term reports. Thankfully, there are many vitamin enriched, antioxidant potent, delicious foods that you may add to your diet to help boost your grades and improve your performance this school year.

1. Omega 3’s are crucial in regulating the function of the brain.

 Any food that has an abundant supply of this fatty acid is

beneficial to the activity of your brain. Maybe there is a valid

 reason why the walnut, a large source of Omega-3, is shaped

 like a human brain. Walnut consumption has been associated

 with improved memory and increased cognitive function.

 Since they are high in protein, they may raise levels of

melatonin in your body (a chemical that regulates sleeping

 patterns and quality of rest). Therefore, a good nights sleep brought on by eating walnuts may help you stay focused and give you more energy, helping you preform better in school the next day.

            2. Another source of brainpower you can look for is

 flaxseeds. The most beneficial way to consume this food is

 in powder form. Flaxseed powder provides a large source

of alpha-linoleic acid, which is another healthy fat that aids

 the performance of the cerebral cortex, a section of the

brain dedicated to processing information it receives from

 your senses. Flaxseeds are also key components in the

building of the brain. Therefore, it is important for young

children and infants to consume this. Finally, this power

contains high levels of DNA, which is a healthy fat. Healthy fats increase the function of the eyes and since most people learn visually, healthier eyes indicated a healthier brain.         

3. The third best source of energy for your brain,

and probably the most popular listed here, is cocoa powder

. Cocoa has an abundance of antioxidants, even more

than green tea or red whine. It specifically has high levels

 of flavonals, which increase blood flow to the brain and

 improve activity and function. This increase in blood flow

 will improve neuronal activity; bump memory skills and

thinking abilities. Caffeine is also a compound found in

chocolate that has been proven to increase concentration

and reaction timing- an added benefit!

Overall, eating these three foods may increase memory, improve blood flow, reaction timing, and much more which will overall improve your brain activity and help you do better in school.

Ways to incorporate these foods!

Sprinkle chopped walnuts onto your salad or yogurt or add them to any baking mixture

Add ground flaxseeds to smoothies, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal or baking mixtures

Cocoa powder can be made into hot chocolate, or consumed in it’s most beneficial form- in dark chocolate (try to eat a min of 72% dark chocolate)

 By: Hillary Yeh 

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