Study Habits Apr 28, 2013

Spring has finally come. The grass is green, and the streets outside look so fresh and different! Seasons change, why shouldn't you? Recently, White Oaks received their mid-term report cards for this semester. Were you impressed with your marks? If not, this is an opportunity to change, for an impressive and satisfying end to the semester! But, where do you start? Of course, you head to your desk, pick up the textbook, and study, right? But before you go any further, closely examine your study habits. According to old Korean beliefs, there are different types of study habits. Here are the two most 'popular' characteristics that people have. Find out what your successful study habit is, to bring out the genius in you!

The first type, LUNAR, is someone who can connect to different ideas very easily. When given a topic, they are able to remember it and apply it to a different one. However, they tend to have a broad knowledge of many different things, so it is easy to become confused. It is crucial for the LUNAR type to organize notes with the proper information according to the categories. Through this, they are able to learn the key facts of that topic, easily learning through the similarities of one idea to another.

The second type, SUN, does not rely much on memory, as their brain is able to function very quickly when introduced to an idea. A study habit that may be beneficial for the SUN type, is debating one topic against another. This is important, because they need to know the value of the information, in order to learn it effectively. However, in order to better their study habits, it is helpful for these types to read over an idea multiple times, so that they may gain more further knowledge of the topic.

Don't worry, you may or may not have found your type yet. Which is also a  good thing! Either way, it is important  to have your own unique study habits in order for your own success! Whatever you may need to do, whether you may need to talk out loud, or even make a song about it, working hard is the only key to truly achieving your personal goals. So this spring, why not study just a little harder to make a little change in your life?


By: Monica Lee

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