Panda Cupcakes May 27, 2013


·         One box of chocolate cake mix

·         One box of vanilla cake mix

·         White Frosting

·         Black Frosting

·         Oreo Cookies

·         Mini Oreo Cookies




1.      Prepare the cake mixes making big chocolate cupcakes, and smaller vanilla cupcakes.

2.      Ice the vanilla cupcake with white frosting to make the head.

3.      Using the white and black frosting, ice the eyes and nose for your panda.

4.      Attach the vanilla cupcake head to the chocolate cupcake body with a toothpick.

5.      For each panda, cut 2 Oreo cookies in half for hands and feet, and 1 mini Oreo cookie in half for the ears.

6.      Attach the arms and ears with a dollop of frosting.

7.      Set the feet at the base of the cupcake.

 And voila, you’re panda cupcakes are complete!

 By: Mitveer Gill


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Eugene Fitzerherbegersly _ I found this recipe to be quite tantalizing and delicious, bravo! I must note that they did cause quite the disturbance in my bowels later that night, yet they were well worth the time and effort, and have since lowered the amount of money I spend on bran flakes. I enjoyed them so much that I brought a batch in to work, where they were thoroughly enjoyed by my boss, whom I haven't seen since he went home that day...   Jun 05, 2013
Mitveer Gill _ WOW! Can't believe that   May 03, 2017
Mitveer Gill _ Soory. WOWzers! Can't beleieve that its been 5 years since I wrote this! Doesn't time just fly, eh?   May 03, 2017