Fashion: Dance the Night Away May 06, 2013

It wasn’t until last weekend while I was waiting for the #19 bus to come pick up me that I was hit with a sudden shocking realization that this year is rapidly passing before my eyes, and soon coming to an end.

And as a grade 12 student who has endured the peaks and perils of the past four years of high school, I’ve been in quite the graduating mood. But before university/college life whisks us away to faraway dorms and frosh weeks, there is the one high school rite of passage that we still have to pass. Prom.

A night adored by most gals, and some guys, it’s the one night the entire graduating class spends and celebrates, well, the end of high school, the end of an era. It’s the closing number, the last candle in the dark, and the celebratory goodbye. But aside from the dancing, and partying, there lies many obstacles for party-goers to cross before the big night.

And for many ladies out there, that is the dress. Not just a dress, THE dress.  Surprisingly to me, the first dress I tried on turned out to be the one I picked. But some are not so lucky, so mind these tips to make the dress shopping experience all the more easier.

Although long dresses have been the traditional length for prom dresses for years, I happen to be quite the fan of the short numbers. And a lot of the styles definitely don’t disappoint. 

If you’re petite, I’d recommend one of them to elongate your height. You’ll look miles tall and the full floor-length gown won’t overwhelm your small frame.  And have no fear, you can still play with your favorite trends. 

Ombre has been a huge trend from the summer, and it’s still flying strong. I’ve already seen a couple dresses this year that are playing it up with colors. 

And for the gals that are worried about how their shape will look, a peplum never fails to be a lifesaver. It looks great if you’re going with a short dress look, adding a flattering hourglass shape. 

And for the ever seeking unique, out-of-the-box ladies, the ones who strive for a dress distinctly theirs, you’ll do no wrong in a vintage shop. I love the idea of wearing a dress that has a flashback to a past decade. The glamour, the enchantment, it all makes for an incredible look. 

For the ultimate wow and glamour factor, I’d go for a 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s look. The jewels, the sparkle, how could one not like dressing up for that? I am personally going for a 40’s/50’s look myself. You can have incredible fun with the accessorizing and beauty aspects.  

You can also experiment with asymmetrical necklines, it’s still slightly unexpected, but won’t dramatically change the whole look. If you’re blessed as a tall gal, I say you can really work anything.

And so go forth my friends into the wonderful world of dress-shopping.  It can really go any way, an agonizing experience, or an enjoyable one. I just hope these tips will brighten the day if you’re not the shopping type, and so you won’t be standing in a sea of dresses scratching your brain for what works and what doesn’t. No one wants to be lost in a dress store. And above all, remember, it’s not the dress that makes the look come to life, it’s the person who makes the look come alive. And while the night is still young, take yourself out for a spin on the dance floor. Dance the night away friends, it’s been a great year.  Celebrations are an order. 

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