Earth Day 2013 Apr 27, 2013

 Ah, spring is finally in the air; the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and wait… it’s snowing? Recent weather reports are some of the most evident signs of climate change, including record temperature highs and lows as well as severe natural disasters threatening the lives of millions worldwide. The warming of the planet is causing peculiar weather patterns and unexpected storms that will continue until we find a way to put a stop to them.

That’s where you come in! This Monday, April 22nd, is Earth Day, one of the most widely celebrated days dedicated to global environmental protection. Take a stand this year and prevent climate change by getting involved in some of your local Earth Day initiatives.

Avoiding foods derived from animals will result in less greenhouse gas emissions than the standard meat-rich diet. Try lowering your carbon footprint by becoming vegetarian or vegan for the day and join in on White Oak’s “Meatless Monday.”

Also, the livelihoods of all plants and animals are essential in maintaining a functional ecosystem, so try participating in many of the Earth Day cleanups in Oakville and save animals that are impacted by the litter and pollution caused by human carelessness. In fact, you can even ask your teachers to participate in the clean up at White Oaks during period 5! Likewise, just remembering to recycle and compost can make a huge difference as it prevents reusable items from entering landfills sites thereby extending their lifetimes.

Another easy way you can make a difference is by choosing to walk or bike instead of grabbing a ride or taking the bus. It’s a simple change that not only tackles the issue of greenhouse gas emissions, but also gets you in shape for summer!

Last year more than one billion people in 192 countries took part in Earth Day celebrations and activities, making it a great success. Join the planet this year for the 43rd Anniversary of Earth Day by following any of the simple suggestions listed above. But why stop there? Challenge yourself by making a lifestyle change and incorporate one of these tips into your daily routine for the rest of the year! 

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By: Tanvi Arora 

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