A Real Life Treasure Hunt Nov 13, 2013

Geocaching is a fulfilling adventure that’s ready at the tips of your fingers and allows the fulfillment of the childhood dream that is discovering hidden treasures.  It’s almost like a scavenger hunt… but on a global scale, and instead of clues leading you to the next destination, the makers of Geocaching provide you with coordinates to follow. All you have to do is plug them into your phone or GPS, and off you go!

This cool new hobby is a great way to explore the outdoors in a way that was never possible before, without even paying a fee! The coordinates lead participants to a general location in which their search begins. Geocaches are often hidden in public parks and forests and can range in size anywhere from large wooden boxes to tiny tin containers, depending on their level of difficulty. Sometimes they can even be strategically tucked away under rocks or concealed within tree trunks, making the search even harder. Finding the Geocache gives participants a great feeling, similar to the one found when discovering a lost treasure chest.

But what’s the treasure? Well, inside of the Geocache is a logbook or sheet that individuals or groups sign once they find they it. This is a neat way to keep track of everyone that has found the cache and even allows you to leave your own mark on the discovery. Instead of leaving just a signature, people often put knick-knacks in large containers that future finders can trade with for something of their own, which is a great way to connect the community of Geocachers around the world. However, the most valuable part of the Geocache is the set of coordinates left inside leading to your next destination.

To get started on your adventure you simply need to sign up on your computer or smart phone and begin to search for nearby Geocaches. Once you have chosen a destination, you can navigate to the Geocache using the Geocaching app or a GPS. To make the most out of your experience you can even bring friends and family along for the ride, who can share the enjoyment of these discoveries and travels with you as well.

There are already 2 million Geocaches in the world for you to find. With some experience you can even add some of your own. So take a chance, get outside, and explore the world we live in!

For more information and to start your adventure, visit: http://www.geocaching.com

By: Tanvi Arora

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