All Bad Things Must Come To An End Oct 08, 2013

 Every Sunday night, at 8/9 c a little over 3 million viewers tune into AMC for their weekly dose of Breaking Bad. The hit series has been captivating viewers ever since its small origins in 2008. The show essays a theme uncommon in television today, the impact our decisions have on people, as well as everything around us.

The show’s theme is expertly conveyed, and is the reason fans have stayed with the show for all of these years, through thick and thin. Breaking Bad is a modern-day conceptualization of Percy Shelley’s famous poem, Ozymandias. The poem is about a leader that rises to power but ultimately falls to shame on account of pride. Comparatively, Breaking Bad is about a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White who decides to cook and sell methamphetamine (crystal meth) to pay his cancer bills and support his family. Naturally, while Walt’s meth empire grows, things simultaneously take a turn for the worst, and Walt falls to his demise.

The premise of Breaking Bad is what’s kept viewers enthralled all these years, and has also given non-viewers a keen interest in watching the show. Many who have heard good feedback of Breaking Bad started rushing to watch it, just so they can witness the series finale. The show’s finely crafted actors and actresses have won many awards for their stellar performances. The Breaking Bad writers have gained much prominence around the TV and film community for their creative ideas and various directions they decide to take the show in. 

After 6 years of a show that just kept getting better with every season, creator Vince Gilligan decided to bring it to a halt in the form of a two- part fifth and final season. This season proved to be the most intriguing by far, because it caused everyone to wonder how the insanity would end, and on top of that, what would the resulting consequences be. Gilligan once again, didn’t disappoint the shows fans, as him and the Breaking Bad team delivered a fifth season brimming with blood, meth, tears and excitement. 

Viewers and critics alike have praised Breaking Bad during its short but sweet 62-episode TV stint. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest shows to ever grace primetime television. The Hollywood Reporter’s Chief TV critic Tim Goodman praised the show and the creator calling it, ‘one of the best series that television has ever seen’. We are all sad that it has ended, but for the most part, fans have gained their share of closure from the show. Throughout all 5 seasons, Breaking Bad has consistently delivered near perfect material that entertained and nationwide audiences. Even though it’s over, Breaking Bad will continue to transcend generations of TV viewers for years to come.

By: Tyler Buchanan-Wright 

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